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Interested in helping those with substance use disorder in our community? We love that! Here are some ideas:

(1) Join our meetings! QHSUA meets virtually on the second Monday of every month from 9:00-10:30am. Get on our mailing list and get our meeting Zoom link by emailing Abaigael Duda at aduda at townofware dot com .

(2) Help reduce stigma! The words we use matter and can effect how someone feels about themselves and their ability to get medical care if they need/want it. We developed an anti-stigma pledge, check it out:

Also, check out

(3) Work with QHSUA to create a ‘substance-free’, fun event in your community. We also provide TIPS training for vendors of alcohol, and we can work with vendors to teach them how to sell alcohol responsibly. Contact Abaigael Duda at aduda at townofware dot com .

(4) Talk with those in your life! We have some suggestions for how parents/guardians can talk to their kids here:

(5) Donate!

  • All donations to the Quaboag Hills Substance Use Alliance will go through the Western Mass Training Consortium. The Consortium is our fiscal sponsor.
  • Be sure to specify Quaboag Hills Substance Use Alliance (QHSUA) in the “Designation” field.
  • Donations can be made to made to support the general work of the QHSUA, towards Prevention. Treatment or Recovery.
  • Donations can also be made towards the creation of a Peer Recovery Center in our area, by specifying “Peer Recovery Center” in the dedication section of the donation form.

 click here to donate

  • If you choose to make a donation with a personal check, please make payable to the Western Mass Training Consortium with the QHSUA written in the note section. At no time should a check be made out to an individual. Checks can be mailed to QHSUA, 126 Main Street, Ware MA 01082